Martin's Chronophotogallery

One of my manias is collecting photographs of myself. Yeah, I know.
Click on a photo for the highest-definition version

Martin 196405-1 Martin 1964-1 Martin 196408-1 Martin 196409-3 Martin 196409-1 Martin 196506-5 Martin 196506-8 Martin 196507-2 Martin 196507-3 Martin 1966-1 Martin 196707-3 Martin 1967-1 Martin 1967-jul-9 Martin 196908-2 Martin 1969-2 Martin 1969-3 Martin 1969-4 Martin 1969-sep-1 Martin 1970-2 Martin 1971-hps Martin 1973-2 Martin 1969-5 Martin 1974-1 Martin 1974-2 Martin 1975-2 Martin 1977-1 Martin 1978-passport Martin 197X-2 Martin 1980-1 Martin 1981-4 Martin 1981-2 Martin 198X-4 Martin 1984-1b Martin 1984-2 Martin 198508-grad Martin 198508-grad-2 Martin mg19860601 Martin 1986-blonde Martin 1987-beach Martin 198908-IRCAM Martin 1991-fells Martin martin-zebra Martin 19910311-Forli-station Martin 199303-3 Martin 199309-1 Martin 199309-2 Martin 199401-buddha-r Martin 199404-profile Martin 1997-camera Martin 2000-passport Martin 20010122-bologna-working Martin 20010122-bologna-kitchen Martin 200X-pupino-window Martin 200X-pupino-mystic Martin 2001-beard Martin 2001-agorahostel Martin 2001-working-a Martin 2001-working-b Martin 20020401-pasquetta-2 Martin 20020401-pasquetta Martin 20020401-pasquetta-working Martin 200207-party Martin 20020916-pose Martin 2002-ponytail Martin 20030103-hippygathering-151 Martin 20030103-hippygathering-161 Martin 200308_Martin_arrive Martin 20040315-da-stefano Martin 200404-graz Martin martin-passport Martin 200502-cnface Martin 20050301-china-arrow Martin 200502-hkrobot Martin 20050826-chezdoj Martin 200512-passport Martin 20061031-rocky-horror Martin 20060121-left Martin 20060121-right Martin 20060604-bcn Martin 20070807-inthepub-c Martin 20070807-inthepub-a Martin 20080407-geekdinner-side Martin 20080407-geekdinner-front Martin 200806-by-Mick Martin 20080821-glasses Martin 20080823-glabbro Martin 20080828-ready2goout Martin 20081106-webcam Martin 20090615-barbetta Martin 20091005-martin-with-bruises Martin 20091111-gumby-bigboots Martin 20100401-archiving Martin 201005-mugshot Martin 2010-05-17 12.24.50 Martin 2010-06-22 Sull'Etna Martin 2010-06-22 Monaco Etnese sorridente Martin 2010-07-17 10.53.57 Martin 2010-07-24 09.41.27 Martin 2010-07-24 09.41.49 Martin 20100817-wet-hair Martin 2010-10-04 08.55.46 Martin 2010-12-13 01.47.51 da Sandro Martin 2011-01-28 00.33.01 Martin 20111101-mini Martin 20111126-glamour-b Martin 2012-08-23-trying-glasses

Martin Guy <>, 10 Jan 2010. Thanks to pallotron for the inspiration. If you have any others, do send a copy!