Martin's recordings

These files were recorded through "line in", munged and compressed into OGG Vorbis format to give a high-quality file one tenth of the size of the uncompressed wave file.

Background noise was halved in the mono recordings by recording them in stereo, time-shifting one channel to exactly align the phase of the two channels and then averaging them.

See for a general description of Ogg Vorbis, and if you need a program to play them.


Martin playing drunk

The Adventures of Twizzle

Music from a rather strange children's television program.


Words by Roberta Leigh
Music by Leslie Clair, arranged by Barry Gray
Orchestra conducted by Barry Gray

  1. The Twizzle Song, sung by Nancy Nevinson
  2. Footso the Cat, sung by Denise Bryer
  3. Chawky the White-Faced Golly, sung by Frank Duncan
  4. Jiffy the Broomstick Man, sung by Frank Duncan
  5. Stray Town, sung by Denise Bryer
Recording first published 1958.

The Best of Sellers

Parlophone GEP 8770

Peter Sellers
Music directed by Ron Goodwin

  1. Balham-Gateway to the South (Muir, Norden, Goodwin)
  2. Auntie Rotter (Monkhouse, Goodwin)
  3. Party Political Speech (Max Schreiner)
Recording first published 1958.

The Goons

Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan, Michael Bentine and Wallace Greenslade in Dishonoured: Part The Last (22:00, 13.3 MB)
Martin Guy, <>, August 2004.