QUESTIONS/ANSWERS about me and those pages

> Asbesto, why are your pages in English language? Perche' le
  tue pagine sono in Inglese?
  Because there's many people in the world that understand
  English, more than Italian. So, to reach the more people as I can,
  I decided to write my homepage in English.
  Perche' c'e' molta gente nel mondo che parla inglese piuttosto
  che italiano. Cosi' per raggiungere piu' gente possibiel ho deciso
  di scrivere la mia homepage in Inglese.

  Peraltro, chi e' interessato alla mia homepage solitamente conosce
  l'inglese o non e' italiano. L'italia, non dimentichiamolo, e'
  terz'ultima in Europa per la diffusione di internet. Siamo nel
  terzo mondo. 
> There will be an Italian version ?

  No. :)

> Asbesto, are you from CATANIA? Sei CATANESE? (PRESS INFO)

  NO. I was born in SIRACUSA, and i live in Palazzolo Acreide,
  near Siracusa. I only lived some years in CATANIA. But despite
  this, many press journalists continue to write that i'm from
  Catania. This is definitively NOT TRUE.  NO. Sono nato a
  SIRACUSA e vivo a Palazzolo Acreide, vicino SIRACUSA. Ho solo
  vissuto alcuni anni a CATANIA. Nonostante questo, un mare di
  giornalisti continua a scrivere che sono catanese, o che sono
  nato a catania: questo e' *FALSO*.

> Asbesto, why is your web page so ugly?

  Because to make it beautiful would require time and attention.
  of which I have none to spare. And, i think the goal of a web
  page is to show informations, not to be "beautiful" at all. 
  So, i think i surpassed the "Baroque" phase of web art, coming
  finally to the Minimalist, modern phase... I think something
  similar to painting, don't you ? :)

  Also, I want to focus my pages only on the informations they carry,
  not on the aestethic appearance.  

> Why don't you hire someone to make it beautiful?

  Because hiring someone would require time, money and attention,
  and i don't want to do this because i like those pages. 

> Who is the child in your background image?

  It's me, at age 3, playing with a tire. This is "Contrada
  Targia", where i was born. I lived here until 1983.  The two
  guys in the grass are my brothers, seeking insects for our
  little ecosystem in a box (a sort of closed box reproducing a
  terrain with grass, stones, plants, insects, water and ... a
  little ecosystem :)

> What does it means "NIENTE A SENSO"? the italian grammar is 
  incorrect! It should be written "NIENTE HA SENSO" ... etc. etc.

  Take a look  to this image.  
  It's painted on a wall in Siracusa.
  I don't know its sense :) and I'm searching it since about 30 years.

> Why is your personal homepage full of weird faces, jokes, and
  so on? wouldn't you have a more SERIOUS web page ? How do you
  think you will be considered a serious person in your work by 
  presenting such a homepage? 

  I *like* jokes. I like happy peoples, and i like to make people
  happy.  I worked for many years dressed like a Mormon, in full
  "Armani" suite, and all the stuff like that. This is the
  italian way: you have to be serious like a DEAD CORPSE, you
  must have a 24-hour box full with depliants and so on. In 
  Italy, your image count MUCH MORE than your real skills.

  I *HATE* those things. Our work is creative, intuitive, is an
  art. So, i want to be happy, working with computers. I  want to 
  wear confortably. And i don't want to fool my clients, or my
  friends, showing them the image of a sort of Mormon that distribute 
  beautiful depliants.

  Also, I don't want to waste my time working with people that lack of
  sense of humor.

  We make beautiful piece of ART, not "Software" or "systems".
  We are artists, not "Computer Programmers" or "Sysadmins".

Other question/answers will soon follow :)

-- thx to arc for corrections! ;)
asbesto at gmail dot com