The Emerde Project


Changelog   Emerde 1.2.7 Beta release
- portage updated to portage-2.1_rc4
- debianutils updated to debianutils-2.15
- --maketgz* options have been dropped
- Fixed a bug in the --skipit option

- Updated portage to portage-2.1_pre3
- the `pfile' has been deprecated

- Added the script Sync-cat. It lets you sync a desidered category or package with the
  gentoo repository.
- Pached to handle net dependecies at boot by rc.emerde. Thanks
  to Michael Donaghy for the patch.
- --passive option for ftp passive mode added. Thanks to
  Marco Caimi for the patch.
- /etc/init.d/ is not launched anymore from rc.emerde. Thanks to
  Marco Caimi for the patch.

- Added the MIRROR option in
- Fixed the name bug in por2pkg and in --maketgz (thx to Francisco Gama)
- Fixed the rsync installation bug.
- Fixed small bugs
- Code cleaned

- Updated portage to portage-2.0.51-r3 version.
- Fixed a small bug in rsync_url
- Code cleaned & fixed & improved

- The Portage was updated to  the 2.0.50-r9 version.
- Semerde.stop was created. It is launched at runlevel 0 and 6 to shutdown all
the programs started by rc.emerde at boot time.
- Added RSYNC_URL option in the installation procedure. It permits the
download of the portage from another machine.
- Now the syncing of the portage can be done using another machine that had already
done it. See ACTION:sync in the emerge(1) man page.
- Now pkg2por is more accurate: if it doesn't find the right version-ebuild it
downloads it.
- Fixed some bugs in the installation script.
- The --upgradepkg was added in emerde. With this option all the installpkg 
operations will use upgradepkg instead.
- Code cleaned

- Updated Emerde to Slack-10
- The --searchinstalled option was added. It filter only installed pkg in the
search result.
- Added --showdepend option. It shows the dependencies of the searched pkg.
Made for Juergen Rose (^_+)
- Added --fclean. It force the clean of the compilation's dir. Useful to 
restart an interrupted compilation instead of continuing it
- Fixed an installation bug caused by --noslack

- Fixed the mtime bug in pkg2por: emerde didn't unmerge really the packages
installed with installpkg.
- Fixed the installpkg and removepkg patch bug during installation.
- Added rsync error checking in ./
- Added the --showcontents options. It shows the contents of the searched
- Updated to portage-2.0.50-r6 version.
- Slack-etc-update was created: it handles the Slackware configuration file
updates. (see slack-etc-update(1))
- Added --maketgzcont option. It creates tgz packages from package already
- Uninstall-emerde script was created.
- Improved the --jailed mode.
- Emerde now is crux compatible and can coordinate the crux's db with the
portage. (Alpha version)
- Fixed a bug in thx to Juergen Rose
- Small bug fixes

- The invulnerable script was created: It updates all the packages which have
suid binaries
- Fixed the gcc version check
- Fixed a small bug in (/usr/bin/line isn't present in all
distros). thx to Doug Laidlaw.

- Added /sbin/ to fix boot's scripts dependecies. Note: you must
have gawk installed
- Improved initd-cfg, now the user can activate/deactive ALL the scripts in
/etc/init.d/ with a single choise.
- Improved rc.emerde, now it execute the "start", "stop" and "restart"
- Added rc.emerde.1 man page.

make.globals. With these the user can choose the destination dirs of the
packages being installed.
- Now the emerde's init script is in /etc/rc.d/rc.emerde and it is started by
- Cleaned some installation's warnings
- Fixed some bugs in
- Fixed a bug in, it fails the compilation of packages with two
./configure. Thx to Juergen Rose to report it.

- Portage updated to 2.0.50-r1.
- Fixed some portage's bugs.
- Installation code of tgz improved.
- Fixed the "unmerge" bug: If you tried to re-emerde a pkg unmerded you got an
- Code cleanup.

- Added --skipit option: Merge the packages and allows you to skip to the next 
merge with the SIGINT signal or by pressing CTRL+c.
- is not regenerated when using --maketgzonly
- Changes at CFLAGS during are now effective.
- Added "Real latest version available" output in the search action, it shows
you The Real latest version available.

- Added --searchcontents option. It is useful to know to what pkg a file or a
directory belong.
- emerge:  Emerde baselayout or emerde sys-apps/baselayout is now denied by emerde.
- Various small bugfixes

- Added --pretend option for .tgz packages
- The cp_all (function to get the portage tree) was rewrited to use /var/cadb,
there's a significant improvement (about 65% faster) in all the fuctions that 
use cp_all (--search, sync, update cache etc...).
- Added alias emerde|update corresponding to uemerde
- Fixed pkg2por installation problem: it didn't create the CADB file during
the installation.

- Added --maketgz and --maketgzonly options: tell emerge to build Slackware's
tgz packages for all ebuilds processed.
- Fixed pkg2por: Now it clears old entries in the portage's db

- pkg2por: Added support for not "exact version" pkg
- Created update-emerde: Checks and updates emerde to the latest version.
- Created initd-cfg: init.d editor. Allows you to select easily what
init.d's program run during Emerde's init.
- emerge:  Added pfile action: you can use "emerde pfile /path/to/mypfile",
where mypfile is a file where you put all the pkg you want to emerde. Each 
pkg name must be in a newline (see /var/cache/edb/world.
- emerge:  Now CADB is updated after an emerde sync
- emerge:  Emerde portage or emerde sys-apps/portage is now denied by emerde.
- emerge:  Added uemerde action: Checks and updates emerde to the latest
- emerge: When it can't find the .tgz file for a dependence of a .tgz file, it
will emerde the dependence.
- Now required doesn't use absolute path

- Now Emerde can resume an interrupted or aborted compilation without rebuild
the pkg and restart the compilation.
- CHROOT installation improved. (All the required pkg for a chrooted system
are now mounted)
- Fixed recursion bug for pkg2por during the installation
- Added missing db entry that caused emerde to build and install baselayout.

- Now por2pkg removes old entries in the Slack's db and use -Arch-type-Release
notation (ex: -i386-1)
- fixed wrong file name input in pkg2por
- portage updated to 2.0.49-r21
- Added manuals for por2pkg, pkg2por, pordbcheck, buildworld

- Added pordbcheck. See doc/pordbcheck
- Added buildworld. See doc/buildworld
- Added --update option to update a previous version of Emerde.
- Fixed manuals copying.
- Fixed small installation bugs.

- $RADICE is now exported by to avoid to use "chroot pkg2root"
and "chroot por2pkg",  in this way nothing else than python is copied in
- Now only the non-Slackware users have to download Emerde-var (4Mb)
- Improved emerde's start init scripts. Now it runs only executable scripts in
- Various small bug fixes
- No root privileges needed by the first installation part.

- Added emerde.1 man page
- Added auto CHOST option retrieval.
- Fixed fetch and untar error in
- Fixed I forgot to put RADICE= at the beggining.. doh! 

- Added the build of portage from sources during installation.
- Added support for hppa arm ppc mips mips alpha architectures.
- Added safe install with chrooting in RADICE/.
- Added Python2.3 support.
- Added distro checks.
- Added --noslack option.
- Added --jailed option.
- Added --norsync option.
- Added --jastjail alias.
- Added version info in emerge (emerde --version).

A bug in pkg2por was fixed. It is now 70 times faster.

pkg2por was created.
Emerde 1.0.4 is now completely compatible with the slackware's packages

- Added --debug and --fetch options in, code cleaned up.

The installation scripts was cleaned from bugfixes,  useless code and
useless warning, 3 option was added.

- Added por2pkg, now it's compatible with the Slackware's pkg db

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